Griffin Faculty Physicians Specialty Services

Our Philosophy

The Griffin Faculty Physicians Specialty Practices Group offers a caring and compassionate approach to the diagnosis and treatment of your medical needs. The group includes specialists in bariatric, pulmonology, cardiology, gastroenterology, obstetrics and gynecology, endocrinology and urology, as well as general, breast and cardiothoracic.

Griffin Faculty Physicians has a practice philosophy based on the Planetree Person-Centered Care principles which are the foundation of Griffin Hospital’s internationally-recognized and award-winning care model and healing environment. Griffin Hospital and Griffin Faculty Physicians are committed to empowering patients to become active participants and true partners in their health and well-being. Our philosophy ensures that you will receive unparalleled care and treatment that puts patients first.

Our Specialists and Surgeons

Griffin Faculty Physician’s specialists and surgeons are affiliated with Griffin Hospital. Griffin Hospital commonly hosts community engaging events in which our specialists and surgeons provide free information on a variety of interesting topics.

Griffin Faculty Physicians specialists and surgeons work cohesively with Griffin Faculty Physicians primary care and family health. This means that your care team will share the same information about your health to coordinate your care and services with the goal of improving your health.

Griffin Faculty Physicians encourages patients to utilize the Community Health Resource Center. The Community Health Resource Center (HRC) at Griffin Hospital is a traditional free lending library that provides an array of medical and health information. The HRC contains a collection of easy-to-read health and lifestyle related materials for patients and their families to become better informed and make more educated decisions about the various treatment options available to them.

Information at Your Fingertips

Griffin Faculty Physicians offers a unique way for you to communicate with our healthcare team 24/7. Our Patient Portal allows you to contact us and access valuable information about your health online in a secure and confidential manner, including:

  • Exchange messages with your doctor
  • Review and pay your bill for care provided
  • Request an appointment
  • Research health topics
  • Review Personal Health Information
  • Complete and update medical forms