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Griffin Primary Care Sports Medicine Physicians

A healthcare provider for both game day and the day-to-day

Your primary care physician promotes your general wellness and keeps you feeling healthy from one day to the next. If sports and exercise are a regular part of your life, or you’d like to make them a part of your life, then a physician who understands your active lifestyle can provide you with specialized care that fits your needs.

Sports medicine physicians are board certified in family, pediatric, or internal medicine like all primary care physicians, but also hold a Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine. A sports medicine physician is the perfect choice for those who wish to receive excellent primary care that supports their active lifestyle.

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Even with the best treatment, injuries can leave you out of the game or your routine for extended periods of time. A sports medicine physician can offer nutrition plans or auxiliary exercises that help prevent injuries before they occur. Their recommendations will be tailored to your unique lifestyle and medical history. If you do happen to get injured, your sports medicine physician will know your goals and lifestyle. With their expertise in both sports medicine and your health, they can maximize the benefit of non-operative treatment options.

Holistic Health

Maintaining your health is about more than diagnosing diseases and curing infections. Fitness and nutrition can make all the difference in preventing or managing disease. A sports medicine physician will help you understand how nutrition and exercise can fit into your treatment of chronic or acute diseases. If you’re looking to get active or begin an exercise program, your physician can help and guide you at every step along the journey to your goals.

A Doctor That Specializes in You

Your primary care physician is a long-term—sometimes lifelong—health relationship. They are an expert on your medical history, making them the best candidate to provide you with individualized care. Does your running form tend to exert one hamstring more than the other? Are you a swimmer in the summer but a skier in the winter? A sports medicine physician won’t just know how the body works but how your body works.

Dr. Tiana Larsow will provide care to patients with orthopedic issues that do not require surgical intervention. Despite the name, her practice is not limited to sports injuries. She treats acute and chronic conditions, which can include:

  • stress fractures
  • arthritis
  • sprains or strains
  • tendinitis
  • bursitis
  • overuse injuries
  • and concussions

She can perform various injections to help treat some of these conditions and will be working closely with occupational and physical therapy to help get patients back on their feet and doing what they love to do. For more information, contact our Shelton office at 203-929-7331 and ask to speak with Dr. Larsow about Sports Medicine!

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