Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

We're here for you.

In the best of times and in the most challenging times, we are here to help you stay safe and stay healthy.

Urgent medical care needs don’t stop for COVID-19, and your health is too important to postpone necessary care. That’s why we have taken extra precautions to ensure your safety so you can receive the care you need from our health experts.

Stay safe - with video or in-person visits

While some patients have chosen to receive their care through video visits (also called virtual visits), more of our patients are returning to our offices because in many cases, it’s the best way to get the care they need.

We want you to get the best care possible and feel confident that you will be safe when using our services. Griffin Faculty Physcians has implemented infection control procedures across all facilities. When you come to our offices, you’ll notice we’re doing things differently, more specifically:

  1. All patients are pre-screened by phone before scheduling a visit.
  2. We have designated COVID-19 care centers. Patients that have any COVID-19 symptoms will only be seen in designated offices or during special hours.
  3. All appointments include COVID-19 screenings. All patients and visitors are screened for COVID-19 symptoms and must have their temperature taken during their appointment.
  4. Our caregivers are checked daily. All medical providers and staff members are evaluated for any COVID-19 symptoms and have their temperatures checked daily.
  5. Masks are mandatory. Masks are worn by all patients, visitors, medical providers, and staff members at all times.
  6. Physical distancing is observed. Patients are carefully scheduled to minimize time in the waiting room and other common areas in our office. Seats in common areas are spaced at least six feet apart.
  7. We have enhanced cleaning. Throughout the day and in between each visit, exam rooms and other key areas are rigorously disinfected. Every office and facility is professionally cleaned each night.
  8. We are taking additional protective measures. Medical providers and staff consistently follow stringent hand-hygiene protocols before and after every patient encounter, as well as using personal protective equipment.

Stay healthy - don't delay care

If it’s time for your annual check-up, for preventive tests like mammograms and colonoscopies, or for diagnostic procedures like a cardiac stress test, your health is too important to postpone necessary care.

Delaying care can lead to complications and advanced stages of disease. Waiting can make medical issues worse and result in long-term damage that could have been avoided. If you suffer from a chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, or asthma, it is essential for you to maintain your regular care and continue taking your medication.

Emergencies don't stop for COVID-19

You may think it’s risky to seek medical care with COVID-19 in the community, but waiting too long to get help for medical issues or life-threatening conditions can be far more dangerous than COVID-19.

If you experience symptoms or a change in your health, please contact us even if you don’t think your symptoms are urgent. We are here to help and can discuss the best way to get the care you need.

If you are experiencing other more serious symptoms, like difficulty breathing or pain in the chest or abdomen, call 911 immediately. Just as our office has taken steps to ensure your safety, Griffin Faculty Physicians has done the same and is ready to take care of anyone needing emergency and urgent care.


For more information about our appointment policies, information hotline, and visitor guidelines, visit our main COVID-19 Information page.