GFP Community Advisory Council

Thank you for your interest in the Griffin Faculty Physicians Community Advisory Council (CAC). We appreciate your time and your interest in helping us improve patient care.

In an effort to consistently deliver an exceptional patient experience, it is important for us to obtain insights from a variety of perspectives. Therefore, we are inviting former patients, family members and other community members to join the Council. Please complete the short questionnaire (Interest Form) below to help us understand how your background and experiences might fit with the Council. If you have any questions, we have included a FAQ below.

If you need to reach the GFP Planetree Committee directly, please call 203-732-1330 or email gcommittee@griffinhealth.org.


The purpose of a CAC is to provide a formal structure for collaborating with patients and families (as defined by the patient) in policy and program decision-making in health care settings to improve safety, quality and the patient experience.
The CAC is a way to establish a forum for patients and families to share their experience, expertise, insights and perspectives to bring about culture change in health care within our organizations. It is a two-year journey toward making care improvements at the hospital.
Griffin Faculty Physicians Primary Care Director Amanda Smith leads and conducts the quarterly meetings. The senior leadership of the hospital should determine who the Committee lead should be and include CAC leadership as part of their job responsibilities. The GFP Planetree Committee provides leadership support and access to resources, direction and priorities. They set agendas, coordinate activities and actions, and communicate with appropriate groups (including senior leadership and the Board of Directors).
An employee may be considered as one of the GFP employee representatives but should not be counted as a patient/family representative.

Several other potential benefits include:

  • GFP creates ambassadors that take the priorities and services of GFP out to the community
  • Everything that we take to the CAC is likely to come back improved because of the involvement of former patients in issues that directly affect them
  • There is diversity in the patient and family perspective that may be modified through guided dialogue with experts and community peers
  • Having a CAC forces GFP staff to think about what we do, how we do it, why we do it, and how we can do it better.
The CAC meetings are held quarterly (every 3 months) per year. It is important that the meetings be of sufficient frequency to maintain momentum and interest in the council and to establish the CAC work as a culture-changing priority for the organization.
Community Advisory Council (CAC) Interest Form